Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1 Nephi Chapter 8

Lehi's vision is one of the great visions in the scriptures. It has many tiers, and I do not believe that I, at this point of my life, understand many of these tiers. I have discussed the matter with friends and relatives of mine, and they have given me some insight on the matter. I think that like most of the scriptures that this vision ought to be personalized and applied to one's own personal understanding as the Holy Ghost prompts.

Talking with LeGrand Baker, he indicates that there is deep symbolism that we find in much of out own understanding of the Plan of Salvation. Lehi was taken to a dark and dreary wilderness where he tarried. An angel appeared and brought him to a fruit tree where he partook of Eternal Life. This is the end goal that we want to share for ourselves and for our families.

There are other elements of this vision that have shaped the LDS tradition. One of which is the "iron rod." Later we learn that the iron rod is the word of God. Should we hold on to the iron rod without letting go, the word will lead us to Eternal Life. Lehi describes the journey with the saints as "Pressing forward." Many hymns with were written with this theme including "The Iron Rod," and "Press Forward Saints."

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