Thursday, December 10, 2009

1 Nephi Chapter 9

This is a logistical chapter in the Book of Mormon. There is not much in terms of doctrine or teachings. It is an explanation of Nephi's journal. He wrote two different accounts; one being a spiritual journal, and the other being a logistical journal. One dealt with his ministry, and the other dealt with wars, contentions and kings. This amazes me. I wonder what Nephi's proliferation rate was. I have a great grandfather who is still alive. he is 103 years old and doing very well. He has about 150 descendants including in-laws. He has one of the greatest posterities of anyone I know. If we were the only ones in the continent, I could not imagine calling ourselves a kingdom. If we did, I wonder what his definition was of war, and battles, and kings, and kingdoms. This is one of those times I would like a visual on the Book of Mormon. I would love to read the other plates. The Book of Mormon makes for a wonderful book of ministry, but a horrendous history. This chapter explains why,

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